Retirement Options


If you thought it was complicated finding the best way to save for your retirement, just look at the different options available when you decide to retire and take your pension! 

Decisions, decisions, decisions! The chancellor’s recent announcements about the planned changes to pensions will give people a great deal of flexibility in how they take their pension in retirement.  We at the Pension Advice Centre feel this is a very positive step forward for people who have saved for retirement or intend to do so. 

It is essential you understand your options in full, taking into account the planned changes moving forward. You will need to also consider the tax implications of taking your pension in its entirety.

There are no links on this page as we believe that brief descriptions of the options available will not provide you with a full understanding of the importance of each and may only add to the existing confusion that this complex area of financial planning creates. 

YourPension Advice Centre adviser is qualified to advise and guide you through all of the options available to you so that at retirement your decision is the right one.


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